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Singapore is one city where the latest fashion knocks first! Be it the fashion industry or home furnishing sector, the latest change is brought about the very first in here. And here is when curtain blinds in Singapore come into the picture. According to the latest survey done about curtain blinds in Singapore, many people came up with some interesting questions and queries. Here is a list of some of the questions along with the answers:

  • How long the curtains blinds last in Singapore? Well, the longevity of the blind has nothing to do with the city and it’s whether, but rather with the quality of the material used. On average, if a person invests in premium quality curtain blinds in Singapore, it can last up to 10 years or so.
  • Can the blinds be repaired at home? There are extra sub-parts that come along with the curtain blinds, but the dismantling and repairing is a bit tricky job. Therefore people should get the thing repaired through an expert for better functioning. There are many repair shops for curtain blinds in Singapore which provide the most professional services.
  • Can curtain blinds be sold? And where? There are many stores in Singapore where used curtain blinds can be put up for sale, usually, the prices need to be negotiated depending upon the quality of the same. And also used curtain blinds in Singapore can be sold on various selling websites.
  • Can blinds be cut to a particular size? Yes, the blinds can be made in any shape and size, but the only thing is this needs professional cutter, and expert hands; and therefore one should not try this at home. Rather one should check the size and shape required before purchasing one.
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