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Roller blinds are an item of utility in every household. And these come in both manual and automatic set-up, apart from this there are different varieties also available of the same depending upon the material used, color, texture, and pattern.

For instance, when we talk about Singapore, the roller blind is a thing that everyone wishes to install at one’s residence or office. Requiring less space, having more comfort in using, giving a more stylish look are some of the reasons on which people claim their likeness for roller blinds.

But when it comes to cleaning these roller blinds, people find ways to keep their pockets intact. Since there is no doubt in the fact that getting these cleaned from any store or service provider will not be an inexpensive affair. Many people in Singapore who owe roller blinds have devised ways to clean them at home; also known as DIY roller blind cleanup.

The below-mentioned steps can be followed to clean the roller blinds while saving on some cost, but requiring some efforts:

  • First and foremost remove the roller blinds carefully; and remove the machine which operates it in case of an automatic one.
  • Dismantle further by removing the cloth or the covering from the rolling machine.
  • The rolling rod and the machine can be cleaned with a soft clean dry cloth.
  • Now one has the option either to lay the cloth part in a tub full of soapy water or lay it wide open on the floor and pour soapy water on the same.
  • Rub the same with a soft cloth to remove the accumulated dust gently, and clean it again with clean water.
  • Ones dried up, the roller can be assembled again.

By following these easy steps anyone can clean roller blinds at home without spending much.

Roller blinds in Singapore have been much in demand for some years, and eventually, people have also started devising ways to maintain them on their own.

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