Established in Singapore since 2000, Harmony Furnishing has been transforming the interiors of many clients with a suite of tailored solutions that caters to their interior needs. We are the leading manufacturer that specialises in premium window dressings and state-of-the-art technology.

Priding ourselves on our expertise, we have a long established reputation within our industry for quality craftsmanship and service excellence.

With a total understanding of the commercial, architectural and residential markets, we work closely with architects, interior designers, volume builders and owners of corporate spaces to provide ideas, products and installation solutions for them.

Products we own

Why choose Harmony Furnishing

Whether you are seeking a professional window dressings solution for your business or home project, you’ve found the team that listen to you!

At Harmony Furnishing, we dedicate time and effort to understand each client’s needs and wants, personal aesthetic and requirements, to create exceptional solutions which brings the out the beauty of their business’ or home’s interiors.

Site Measurements

Site measurements require appropriate deductions to ensure a perfect fit. Our installers will go down personally to measure the windows, noting all the architectural features that have to be accommodated.

In-house Production

Harmony Furnishing has an extremely high standard of quality and craftsmanship. We train our team to guarantee the best in quality control and supplies only the best window dressing products.

In-house Installation

We are committed to the satisfaction of you, our client. Our services include personalised, one-on-one consultation, to design and install the window dressings that best suit your projects.

By doing the installation in house, we are able to improve the service quality we deliver to our clients. We listen to feedbacks from our clients, both positive and negative to further enhance our service standards for future projects.

Quality Assured

In order to meet changing trends and technical innovations, we sourced for the best fabrics and materials worldwide. We do not compromise with inferior fabrics and are committed to quality standards as well as continuous product improvement. All made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

Service Oriented

All of our products are covered by a 6 months warranty from the date of purchase with a complementary product training to make sure you understand the care instructions with our window dressings.

Our team will work closely to provide additional support and assistance when needed.

Our Products

Our extensive range of quality and stylish dressings includes Timbercast blinds, roller blinds, curtains, motorised applications as well as home automation. All made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for home and commercial setting needs.

Roller Blinds

Harmony Furnishing offers a full range of services in the system as well as the different aspects of accessories. Efficient and aesthetically appealing, our Roller Blinds are manufactured using a combination of the latest technology and traditional skills. Our blinds are custom-made with chain system operated by Pulley Chain R28 Roller Blinds with Integrated Friction Lock. Our spring chain system includes the same operation with Spring Assisted Mechanism.

Our roller blinds are available in both light and heavy duty system made with Pulley Chain operated R28 Roller Blinds with Integrated Friction Lock and Spring Assisted Mechanism.

In the range of accessories, we provide Side Tracks with Mohair for Minimal Light Leakage. These tracks have rubber backing made with Anti-Noise Rubber Strip. To ensure child safety, we use Child Safety Blinds Clip for the maximum support and protection. Our aluminium pelmet offers Aluminium Cassette in White Powder Coated Finish. Other than that, we offer Black Control Chain and Black Bottom Bar together with Nickel Plated Pulley Chain and Pocketed Bottom Bar to compliment coloured blinds.

Timbercast Blinds

The reason why our Timbercast blinds have always remained the favourite product is because of its functionality, sleek and stylish appearance. They take small amount of maintenance and are easy to control.

Our popular range of Timbercast blinds are made-to-measure and built in our own factory, using the durable Pulley Cord with Friction Lock Mechanism and the equally reliable Monocord System using Single Loop Cord with Integrated Friction Lock.

With beautiful wood-like finishes, our Timbercast blinds also comes with easy lift system manufactured using Moveable Pulley Cord with Friction Lock Mechanism.  

Timbercast blinds are available in slats of Apex Timber Basswood as well as Apex Timber Cast (Polystyrene). It is manufactured with the polystyrene material that is more durable and long lasting. For the accessories, we ensure security and protection by using our Child Safety Blinds Clip. It comes with the Same-colour Pelmet Covers, 25mm Single Colour Ladder Tape as well as 38mm Single Colour/ Dual Colour Ladder Tape that provide timeless beauty as well as craftsmanship of a quality Timbercast specially made for any space.


Curtains are the quick and easy solution when it comes to window dressings for the interior. Whether the type of curtains, we offer an expansive range of styles and designs for every need.

At Harmony Furnishing, we have curtain tracks to suit all window dressings. Available in Apex Straight Rails with Runners and Apex Bendable Rails with Runners, they are designed for the discerning interior decoration that will enhance any home or commercial spaces.

Our curtains are manufactured using Apex Curtain Rails Tension Pulley. We also offer Apex Curtain Baton that is made from the sturdy material of Fiberglass and Clear Acrylic.

Outdoor Blinds

Our Outdoor blinds are designed to fit almost all types of window dressings. They are available in two different options, Roller blinds and Timbercast blinds.

For Roller blinds, we have light duty system that is composed with the H45 Pulley Chain, Operated Roller Blinds with Integrated Friction Lock and Spring Assisted Mechanism while the heavy-duty system uses H62 Pulley Chain Operated Roller Blinds with Integrated Friction Lock and Spring Assisted Mechanism. We also have hand crank system that is made with Geared Crank Roller Blind System.

For Timbercast blinds, we manufacture it with cord system, using Pulley Cord with Friction Lock Mechanism. Available in Single Loop Cord with Integrated Friction Lock and Movable Pulley Cord with Friction Lock Mechanism, theses blinds are the ideal solution in providing exterior support such as protection against driving rains, harsh sunlight and help to stay cooler in Singapore climate.

Our Guides, Side Tracks and Wind Guide are primarily divided into light duty side guide and heavy duty side guide. Our light duty side guide is made with 40mm Flat Light Weight Bottom Bar with 2.5mm Stainless Steel Wind Guide and Anchor. On the other side of heavy-duty side guide, it offers 38mm Heavy Weight Bottom Rod with 2.5mm Stainless Steel Wind Guide and Anchor.

Harmony Furnishing has manufactured it with the durable and robust use of fabrics for every product. We own the full range of Apex Sunscreens, Mermet Technical Textile Sunscreen and Serge Ferrari Soltis Performance Textile.

Motorised Blinds

Perfect for high windows that can’t be reached by a cord, or modern families who wants convenience to operate, Motorised blinds are a great way to control the light in a room with just the click of a button from a remote control. The control offers the chance to add significant value in life and most importantly, a route to providing a better, more secure and efficient environment.

Our Clients

With an extremely high standard to our window dressings’ quality and craftsmanship, we train our team to guarantee the best in quality control and supplies only the best window dressing products.

We are the solution for every window dressings, all at the best quality interior deserves. Our innovative products, a keen eye for detail and exemplary service are transforming spaces into something extraordinary.

Experience the ultimate quality window dressing from Harmony Furnishing.

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