Light Duty Outdoor Blinds@Tampines

Outdoor blinds are ideal and practical sunshades for your veranda or balcony area. Its framework is made of PVC, polyester, and perforated fabric that provides UV protection. Compared with indoor blinds, outdoor blinds need heavy-duty materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. In addition, outdoor blinds’ designs are contemporary that is perfect for today’s modern home and office.

At Harmony Furnishing, we offer a variety of outdoor blinds in Singapore that has different uses and functions. Light outdoor blinds provide privacy and minimal sun protection for your home; enabling your place to achieve a fresh and well-ventilated feel. Light outdoor blinds are commonly used for condominiums and apartments.

For intense sun exposure, you can choose outdoor awning. This is perfect in public areas and businesses to block harmful rays from the sun. If you desire comfort and convenience, you can pick the motorized outdoor blinds as it is operated by a remote control. This type is most ideal for huge window shades. We also offer heavy-duty outdoor blinds with robust materials that can endure unpredictable weather conditions.

Harmony Furnishing takes pride in providing premium outdoor blinds that suits your budget. With our professional team, we can help you find the window shade that best fits your space. Choose from our wide range of styles and fabrics today! For more information, call us at 6243-6137.
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