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The world is advancing very quickly, in this time and age. Things of the past are slowly being rendered obsolete by all the new inventions and technologies to improve how we live our lives in so many ways. From smart locks to remote controlled lights to a comprehensive smart security system, our lives are made more convenient, practical and luxurious even. Unsurprisingly, motorized blinds are now all the rage for homeowners, and for a number of reasons too. A rather new innovation, motorised blinds are changing the window furnishing market for the better. Here’s why:

1. Convenience
Of course, the reason most people buy motorized blinds is for its convenience. As conventional blinds are rather troublesome when it comes to adjusting it to suit the weather outside, it is often left in the same position throughout the day. However, with a motorized blind, instead of having to manually roll up or down the blinds when you need it, all you have to do is just to press a single button. Thus you can now roll up all the blinds in your house from a single spot instead of having to walking from window to window to roll them up by hand.

2. Time adjustments
With some motorized blinds, you can even set the time for it to adjust between shades. For example, you can set the blinds to roll down at noon when the sun is the hottest, so as to protect your valuable art pieces and furniture from any sun damage. This function can even replace your alarm clock, as you can set the blind to roll up to let in the sun when its time for you to wake up.
Furthermore, if you are travelling, you can also set a specific time for the blind to roll up or roll down, in order to simulate your presence at home and to deter potential break-ins.

3. Safety
Safety is always a concern when it comes to home furniture, especially if you have children or pets. Unlike conventional blinds, motorized ones do not have the strings that hang down for manual adjustment. This is a much safer option as your children or pets won’t get themselves caught by these strings, injuring themselves in the process.

4. Design and style
Aside from the safety concerns of the strings, from an aesthetic point of view, the strings do not contribute to the design or style of the blinds whatsoever, but is still a necessity of the conventional blinds. This makes it difficult to arrange the blinds to look aesthetically pleasing. But with the motorized blinds, there is no need for the strings, thus will make the motorized blinds look sleeker. The lack of strings also means that there’s no tangled mess to deal with. Motorized blinds also come in a myriad of styles, and there’s sure to be one to suit your needs.

5. Long battery life
If battery life is one of your concerns, then worry no longer. Technological advances have led to the batteries of motorized blinds to last several years without need for replacement.

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