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Clean, consistent furniture pieces

The furniture contributes to the overall atmosphere in the office, more than you know. After all, the furniture is what takes up the most space. When it comes to the furniture, less is more. Not in terms of quantity, but in design. Simple designs, consistent throughout all the other furniture pieces trumps those with intricate patterns or embellishments, as the simplicity of the layout speaks volumes of elegance and modernity.

Limit your colour palette

Luxurious, modern designs aim for simplicity, and having too many different colors around takes you a step further from it. Dark and neutral shades are the most effective at giving your workplace a luxurious feel, while bold colors in terms of painted walls or furniture will bring a sense of character into the room.

Set focal points

Focal points are essentially what catches our eyes first, and draws our attention. It could be art prints or plants, placed in spots that are easily noticeable. These focal points can help to express the character of the room. These points can also be made more prominent with contrast to the color of the walls, and well-placed lighting can also help enhance the noticeability of the focal point.

Create a sense of space

A luxurious office space gives off the impression of spaciousness. It may be slightly trickier to create this effect in a smaller workplace, but it is definitely doable. Where possible, keep the workplace neat and tidy, such as clearing up any clutter, removing cups and unused stationary, while hiding any visible cables so as to appear more pristine and tidy.

Without investing in any construction work to actually make your office really bigger, you may choose to paint your office in a lighter color, or by shifting the furniture around to create more floor space, which will help to create the impression of a bigger office.

Layer your lighting

The atmosphere in a room is largely dependent on the lighting. For the office, the lighting scheme should mostly be task lighting, with some accent lighting at specific points to produce a focal point effect. This will help preserve the levels of productivity in the workplace, instead of detracting from it.

If your office has many large windows and is exposed to much sunlight, you may choose to reduce the number of artificial light sources in the office, as too much strong light may cause an overwhelming contrast and glare.

Pick perfect window furnishings

Alternatively, to control the lighting in your office, while adding to the design, you may consider window furnishings as a solution. From shades and blinds to curtains, there are many types to suit any style you may want for your office. A double roller blind may be just right for the office, as it boasts of two different shades in one, that can fully or partially block out the sun, and control the amount of light in the office. Not only that, it also adds to the minimalistic and modern, yet luxurious feel that you may want for your office.

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