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We earn, we return.

                                               – Teo Hock Guan


At Harmony, we have a simple philosophy: we earn, we return. What better way is there to return to the community than by engaging the future of the community, its children?


For our 2016 Harmony Program. We collaborated with Children’s Society. We figured that doing a little bit of something for the kids is always good. So even though it’s our first CSR, we decided to do something big for the kids and bring them to Universal Studios, which we were told was the number one wish among the kids under Children’s Society care.

We understood the immensity of our under taking; not only do we have a big group participating, but we’re heading to the one of the most chaotic places in Singapore. Think about it for a moment, handling a couple of kids in the supermarket is tough enough, but managing a group of 20 kids in universal studios is epic. So as always we got together and came out smiling at the end.


The kids never had a field trip to Universal Studios before. They eat, they play and they love. Which is a good marker to measure the success of the program as any.


We earn, we return.


Thank you.


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