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Velvet curtains are quite elegant. There is no question about it. The kind that pools on the floor are just great for an elegant or more formal styled living room or bedroom. A number of these kinds of drapes are also good for nurseries as they block out the light, thus helping baby to sleep longer and better.

There are a few things you should be aware of if you are considering buying velvet curtains in Singapore. For one, they are not all that cheap. The prices vary depending on what brand name you get, where you buy them and how large or small they are. Another very important thing to consider is that if you have small children or pets, these kinds of curtains are not very practical. Unless your pet is very well trained or does not have access to the room where the curtains have been put up, the odds are that your pet will get a hold of the curtains that have pooled on the floor and ruin them. Small children can have a bad accident if they pull these curtains down on themselves.

Another thing to consider is that these curtains cannot simply be thrown in the washing machine, hung to dry and then put back up. They often need to be dry cleaned.

If you have considered all the options and have decided to buy velvet drapes or curtains, then shopping for them online can often be a good idea. It is not only easy to compare prices and find styles and brands that are not available at a regular store near you, but you can often get cheaper prices than you can at a regular shop.

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