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Curtains can make or break the look of a room. A lot of thought should go in choosing curtains for your home. The color and the fabric of the curtain are a prime factor while choosing curtains. Heavy fabrics don’t look neat when drawn and lighter fabrics don’t fall well. Striking a balance to choose a fabric that is neither too heavy nor too light is the key. Choice of color is also important. Darker colors lend a very warm feel to a room while pastel shades help to make the room look airy and fresh.

Overtime, sunlight will fade the color of your curtain. Dark shades will fade quicker if used in a room which receives plenty of sunlight. If you plan to have the same curtains for a long time, choose a color that won’t fade fast. Moving on to the panels on which curtains will hang, choose curtains first and then install your panels. If you install your panels first and then shop for curtains, you’ll be bound to choose those curtains only that fit the panel. The height of the curtain fabric can then be customized according to the height of the panels.

If you don’t want to opt for curtains, you can invest in curtain blinds. Curtain blinds give a very cozy and warm feel to your home while ensuring that the light is adequately blocked from entering the room. The blinds can also be folded during the evening to let the soft evening light come in through the curtains. Curtain blinds are increasingly becoming popular in Singapore. There are plenty of sellers that deal with curtain blinds in Singapore. Also, there are online sellers that ship curtains and curtain blinds to Singapore. There is a huge variety to explore, choose the best for you!

Curtains And Blinds in Singapore