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Your office space says a lot about your personality. Dull interiors can make you lethargic during office hours and can give out mellow and dull vibes. A well done office has the capacity to instantly cheer up your mood and keep your employees motivated. A nicely decorated office creates a good impression on your clients too. Curtains are an essential thing to decorating any space, whether it is your home or your office. Here are a few curtain styles that will add panache to your office interiors.

1) Transparent Curtains: Transparent curtains are great for people who enjoy sunlight. Transparent curtains allow sunlight to come in and do not provide any significant blockage from the ample sun that Singapore gets. They allow adequate amount of sunlight and can be used with thicker curtains if you want blockage from light. Even blinds can be used behind transparent curtains to give your office space a formal look.

2) Curtain Blinds: Curtain blinds in Singapore are very popular. Singapore is a coastal country and gets a lot of sunlight throughout the year. Curtain blinds in Singapore protect your office from becoming very hot in the daytime. While only blinds give a very formal look, curtain blinds have fabric which gives a cozy vibe to your office. Curtain blinds are an amazing option if you want privacy and light control.

3) Pinch Pleated Curtains: Almost any fabric is suitable for pinch pleated curtains. They look formal and add a fancy touch to your office space. You can experiment with various fabrics and colors. You can use cooler colors during summers and warmer colors during winter if you like to experiment. However, the more number of pleats you opt for, the more fabric will be used which will increase the cost and make the curtain heavier.

Curtains And Blinds in Singapore