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Singapore is located near the equator and has a tropical climate. It has long hours of sunlight and strong winds during the rainy season, therefore, blinds can protect homes and workplaces from rain, heat and dust. Blinds in Singapore are beneficial in safeguarding balconies, outdoor patios and exposed corridors in both residential and commercial places.

They are not only useful in protecting against harsh weather but will also help in alleviating indoor look. Blinds in Singapore are available in different types and varieties and choice can be made as per the requirements.

Different types of blinds in Singapore:

  1. Roller blinds: These are easy to maintain, convenient and provide a chic look to the décor of the room. They have smooth operating function due to usage of fabric and blocks sunlight during summer and also provide privacy.
  2. Zip blinds: It firmly secures the windows and does not get ripped during windy weather. It is useful especially during monsoon season as it acts as a guard against rain and prevents water from entering into the premises. As it prevents slippery floors it helps in avoiding accidents and eliminates water damage and protects furniture from getting mouldy.
  3. Venetian blinds: It can be used to provide a classy look to the interiors. It has a vintage style which will create a good ambience in homes as well as office. It is made up of numerous horizontal slants arranged on top of each other and these slants can be rotated to adjust the degree of sunlight. It is classy and also very functional. These blinds are more aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Motorized blinds: These blinds are different from traditional one as is driven by technology. It is hassle-free, efficient and with one click of button enables the user to adjust the blinds.
  5. Outdoor blinds: These are similar to roller blind but the fabric used is much stronger and waterproof and are both fashionable as well as rain resistant.

There are many window furnishing stores in Singapore dealing in all types of blinds. These blinds can be purchased online or in any home décor stores.

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