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Some rooms need only curtains, some need only blinds and some look best with both. There are a number of factors which can help you in selecting a window style for your rooms. These factors include insulation, style and orientation within the room.


A combination of blinds and curtains on your windows though seems to be the best idea but it may cost you a lot. It will cost you almost double for the treatment of each window. Choose a treatment that gets your job done and also saves your money. You can use the combination of curtains and blinds in the areas like a formal dining room, living areas and master bedrooms. This will prove to be worth enough to invest money in such areas as it will add ultimate style, privacy and temperature comfort.


Faux wood blinds and heavier Venetian blinds in Singapore should be used when you want to block out the sun. They help in blocking out a great deal of sun, but not all of it. For complete darkness, you should add some curtains over the binds for better sun defence.

There are a number of sun-blocking options which can help you in selecting curtains and shades. Cellular curtains and blinds help in filtering out the sunlight by allowing enough natural light to enter the room. To block out different levels of UV rays and sunlight you can use shades of different thicknesses like Roman shades, sheer shades and curtain fabrics.


There are many styles under the sun available when it comes to you to choose window treatments. Earlier curtains were used to add style, warmth and luxury to a room but now the same effect can be achieved by different types of shades and blinds. Whichever option be it Venetian blinds in Singapore or curtains in Singapore you select it is for the reason that you want the window treatments to accent the furniture in your room.

Curtains And Blinds in Singapore