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What makes a house a Home?

Houses are virtually mere walls until five basic senses of human occupy them.

A home is where you feel the warmth, the coziness of being with loved ones, a place you love to wind up after a long day.  All in all privacy is the uttermost integrant that makes a house a home.

There are mentions of curtains even in the ancient history where hides of animals were used for shielding the house against light and rains.  No doubt, with time the fabrics saw a mammoth change.  From leather hides to woods, metals, and synthetic plastic materials like PVC, curtains have travelled a long way with advancement of human civilization.

Why Blinds are in Vogue?

There is much more to Curtains and Blinds in Singapore than just being a screen against dust and light or a matter of privacy, it’s the alluring elegance it bestows to homes, shops, offices, or any other locations you dwell or deal from.

The vast variety of colors, fabrics, and the texture provide a proficient interior designer to take a flight of imagination and make realistic creations artistically.

Spoilt for Choice

Select from array of choices of Blinds in Singapore, considering your budget and need.

  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Zip Guide System



Offices or homes, remotely controlled blinds are preferred over manually operated ones, convenience being the prime reason.

Beauty with a Reason

Curtain and blinds are there to enliven your living rooms, embolden your boardrooms, enrich your kitchen, embellish your patio and enhance your facades.

Curtains And Blinds in Singapore