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People are the motor that gives impetus for a company to grow and progress and are hence the most important resource in any business. So, a thoughtful and solicitous workspace can be an influential tool to enhance employee performance which naturally translates to better business performance. In addition to augmenting their work performances, these little tweaks also serve to contribute to the health of employees, which further translate to better productivity. Here are 5 Ideas that could be installed to the office to strengthen employee’s work performance.


1.Have healthy snacks on display

Setting up a snack corner that is colourful and replete with healthy foods such as fruits, nuts, energy bars and vitamin water, for example, is a simple installation that would instantly perk workers up. These snacks also act as fuel for employees to get an energy boost and brain fuel to churn out productive work.


2. Greenery

Multiple studies have shown that having some greenery in the office can have significant benefits for employees and the firm. Greenery can help to increase productivity and creativity in the office. They also provide clean air and have stress reducing effects on employees which help to attenuate the level of absences due to sickness.


3. Apt Window Dressing

Bright light can lift the moods of workers and be a pleasure to work in. However, the reflection and glare from excess light against computer screens can result in eye strain, a common health complaint for workers, and can also result in lowered productivity. Installing a suitable blind that proffers great control of the amount of light that comes in, such as rolling blinds or venetian blinds, could help you achieve a balance that is optimal for employees’ productivity.


4.  Big Clock

Having a huge and aesthetic clock that is very apparent and can’t be missed is a simple tool to help the workforce keep track of time for meetings and deadlines, which acts as a pushing force for focus and productivity.


5. Pops of Color

Adding touches of vibrant colours brightens the environment and mood of the office and has a significant positive psychological effect, based on the colour you choose. Brighter colours are associated with higher focus and task accuracy and can be used strategically to promote the desired behaviours of the workforce. For example, Red enhances emotions associated with strength and ambition while Blue is calming which promotes mental clarity and creative thinking.

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