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Premium Blinds & Curtains in Singapore

“A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.”

This quote by the renowned architectural and interior designer John Saladino is emblematic of the loftiest principles of interior furnishings. Interior décor has a magnificent history stretching back millennia, with elaborate and aesthetically pleasing furnishings in one’s home or workplace serving to denote social status, wealth or simply as a declaration of appealing elegance. As the ancient Egyptians put up intricately designed scrolls and the Romans decorated their dwellings with statues and carvings, the modern man and woman adorns their abode with specifically curated furnishings meant to accentuate the character of the room.

As any interior designer worth his salt can tell you, picking the right aesthetic décor for your furnishings is essential to creating the perfect atmosphere for your location, whether it’s a home, office, shop, restaurant or any other interior location. The wrong pattern, texture or material of any particular design element could make or break the vibe you’re going for in your interior design.

At the foreground of these myriad design elements are the furnishings which shades your room from the sweltering Singapore sun, keeps your interior at a comfortable temperature and ties the room together with a fantastic flourish – we refer, of course, to the indispensable curtains and blinds.

Here at Harmony Furnishings, we offer our customers a truly extensive array of uniquely designed curtains and blinds. In addition to a vast selection of vibrant, classy and high-quality curtains, we also provide you with numerous types of blinds to cater to every client’s individual needs. Our splendid variety of brilliantly-designed blinds include venetian blinds, roller blinds, zip blinds and outdoor blinds. As one of the premier suppliers of these awesome adornments in Singapore, Harmony Furnishings can help you find the perfect curtain or blind for your dream interior.

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About Harmony Furnishing

Harmony Furnishings is the complete solution to all window furnishings needs. We specialize in window furnishings, from production to installation we take care of everything.

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Curtains And Blinds Singapore


Harmony Furnishing produces Apex products. Apex pervades the local window furnishings market; when there is a window blind somewhere, chances are it is an Apex Window blind.

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Why Choose Us

Harmony has been protecting Singaporeans from the harmful glare of the sun for more than 15 years. Continuous research and development has established Harmony as the complete solution to blinds, curtains and to all window furnishing needs.

Range OF Uniquely Designed Curtains And Blinds Singapore

Wherever your windows are situated, we have a blind to enhance the style of your home. Whether it be bamboo blinds for a natural look, wooden blinds for a more solid design or roller blinds to provide a full cover for your window embrasure, we provide numerous types of blinds to cater to every client’s individual needs.

Venetian Blinds Singapore

Motorized Outdoor Blinds

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Window Blinds Singapore

Light Duty Outdoor Blinds

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Heavy Duty Outdoor Blinds

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High quality outdoor blinds for both residential and commercial properties

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Roller Blinds

Install a roller blind in your home or Workplace to emphasize the décor of the room

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High-Quality Blinds Singapore

Venetian Blinds

Highly adaptable Venetian blinds to adorn the windows of your home, office or event venues with.

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Curtains Blinds in Singapore

Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds – best defence against unforgiving torrential rains

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Providing High Quality Curtains and Blinds in Singapore

Harmony Furnishing is a one-stop shop that offers premium curtains and blinds in Singapore. From simple to sophisticated window shades, you can choose a wide variety of colors and patterns. We manufacture our products without compromising the quality. Moreover, our professional team assists from production to installation.

We have an extensive selection of curtains depending on its usage and materials. Our customized curtains come in different styles and functions. You can choose from thin layered translucent sheets for minimal shading, or thick fabrics to block out sunlight. For blinds, we have modern and stylish options that can surely suit your home or office.  We also have motorized systems that lets you control blinds conveniently. All our products are custom-built for both indoor and outdoor areas. Plus, everything is of high quality and durability for maximum privacy and light control.

For over 12 years, Harmony Furnishing has transformed residences and businesses in Singapore with our window furnishing solutions. We value our clients by giving expert opinions on designs and fabrics ideal for your space. With your personal preference and budget, our professional team can assess the best option to meet your needs. Call us at 6243-6137 for an onsite quotation today!


Curtains And Blinds in Singapore